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1970 Triumph t100c 500cc. An Artful Bobber for sale in Sarasota, Florida.

It's no secret that we aren't huge fans of bobbing or chopping up the frames on excellent examples of Triumph history. With so many original bikes fallen prey to the "back yard bobbing" craze of the late 70's many bikes have become rare, and the 500cc Triumphs are a pretty good example of this. However, once in a while it's done well, and the following piece is a candidate of that kind of look. This bike looks clean and has classic lines maintained in the mods done to it. A simple bike, but a good looker... 

From the Seller:  "Upgrades include a Tri-Spark electronic ignition, new bearings (wheels and steering),new brakes, gel battery. The bolt on hard tail has a 4" extension and a 1" drop. The motor was completly rebuilt by Riko's British Restoration

This bike just looks fast and begs to be ridden. Not sure if the seller still has it or not, but if you are looking for a turnkey bobber this may be a good one to look into, more info below. 

This bike is for sale locally in Sarasota Florida: more info here


1972 Norton Commando Combat Interstate 750cc in Blue. 

Stickers aside this Norton is a looker. It's currently on the ol' auction bay block in CA, but being pretty and complete and extremely attended to, we thought it would be a nice piece to give notice to, as these aren't seen in blue very often. A larger fibreglass gas tank and the rubber mounted 750cc engine gives the Norton Commando Combat Interstate a leg up as a motorcycle that could indeed be used for touring; although bearing nothing in common with the modern touring bikes. 

Curious to see what it will go for? So are we! check it: Here



Disclaimer: Reko's British Restoration in no way endorses the purchase of this bike or verifies what the seller is saying is true: these posts are for educational and documentation purposes only. 


1959 Triumph Bonneville T120 : Orange & Cream. 

Unfortunately the collectibility of many of these early Bonnevilles makes them take a place as a show bike, instead of a weekend or daily rider. While this bike appears to be going for quite a lot of money (on the eBay); fully restored or NOS examples of this fine machine, the first of the Triumph Bonnevilles are extremely rare. 

The T120 was well recieved at the time, wins at Thruxton and others immediately sealed it's place in history, and it went on to be the motorcycle that was identified with countless icons and race wins on local and international stages. 

High prices mean that most of these bikes that are still worthy of full restoration are a hot item, and we have worked on our fair share of them, bringing many a "barn find" back to showroom condition. 

This example in the photo is being sold on the usual auction site, and is a great example of the form and finish of the 1959 Bonneville. The attention to detail is also great, and many NOS parts were used in the restoration (according to the seller). 

With the auction currently at above $18,000 and not yet hitting reserve, we're interested in seeing what the bidding will wind up at! 

Disclaimer: Reko's British Restoration in no way endorses the purchase of this bike or verifies what the seller is saying is true: these posts are for educational and documentation purposes only. 


1975 Triumph Trident T160: when two cylinders just aren't enough. 

Have a Triumph Trident in need of repair? We repair Triumph motorcycles at Reko's British Restorations, in Sarasota Florida.Just spotted a Triumph Trident in reasonable condition over on Craigslist... but as in all things old and unattended, it's impossible to tell the condition of the bike unless it is already road worthy. 

Regardless, the BSA Rocket Three / Triumph Trident was the last major motorcycle developed by Triumph Engineering at Meriden, and was a 750cc air-cooled unit construction pushrod triple with four gears and conventional chassis and suspension. It was badge-engineered to be sold under both the Triumph and BSA marques. The Rocket3 / Trident was part of Triumph's plan to extend the model range beyond their 650 cc parallel twins. Created to meet the demands of the USA market, the smooth 750 cc three-cylinder engine had less vibration than the existing 360° twins. BSA fell into serious financial troubles,[1] but during the seven-year production run 27,480 Rocket3 / Trident models were produced.

The Rocket 3 / Trident was introduced in the summer of 1968 to critical acclaim ... but the soon to be released CB750 and BSA's financial woes would steal it's thunder.

In November 1974 the T150V was succeeded by the much-modified T160. It was a serious step forward in modernity compared to the original model, but still the changes were too late to save the bike or the marque. 

The main new features of the T160 were as follows:

  • Forward-leaning cylinder layout derived from BSA Rocket 3 (allowing a larger air box)
  • Improved centre-of-gravity (frame/engine position, sloping cylinders, tank/seat unit)
  • Electric start
  • Five speed gearbox
  • Disc brakes front and rear
  • Left-hand gear-change (USA safety requirement)
  • Annular silencers - to meet lower USA noise-level requirement
  • Redesigned instrument binnacle and handlebar switchgear
  • Reversion to more traditional Triumph styling

Have a BSA motorcycle or Triumph Motorcycle in need of repair ? We do full repairs or restorations of Triumph motorcycles and more at Reko's British Restorations. 


1958 BSA Golden Flash: A 54 year old 650. 

Have a BSA motorcycle and need repair? We repair BSA motorcycles at Reko's British Restorations, in Sarasota FloridaThis one caught our eye, over on eBay. This one has the post 1954 more modern swingarm (the plunger frame would become under the stress of wear and wear over time. BSA changed this to the modern style in 1954, and added in 1956, alloy brake drums were fitted as standard which both reduced unsprung weight and increased stopping power.)

Not so sure about the color, or the rubber, but still a very fine and from appearances, quite original maintained bike with cool era custom correct Buco saddlebags and aftermarket seat. 


Have a BSA Motorcycle an need repair? We repair BSA Motorcycles in Sarasota Florida at Reko's British Restorations