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1970 Triumph Bonneville : A Full Restoration in Progress : Reko's, Sarasota, Florida

When this 1970 Triumph Bonneville rolled into our shop, it was in a sad state. The original owner had it stored "out back" which is always worst than it being stored "in the barn" for decades. In fact, other shops considered it "beyond help". But, we aren't other shops... 

This bike is numbers matching, with a straight frame and good bones. The new owner put it in for a full restoration, and shortly this fine machine will be a vision of what the Triumph Bonneville was when it rolled out onto the shop floor back in 1970. This bike's future may indeed be shows and trophies, and a trailer; but if the owner chooses to ride it, it won't dissapoint, all the mechanics and electrics have been completely restored as well, and it will be extremely reliable and solid performing on the street. 

Tank, and all other paintwork has been completed to original paint colors and trim, with the tank undergoing a full restoration as well, to function and work as new. 

Not bad for a machine that for years was propped up "out back"! We look forward to getting it back to it's new owner, who we have a feeling will give it a bit better treatment than the last one. 

Have a Triumph Motorcycle that needs a full restoration? 

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