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1972 Triumph T100 Daytona 500 Motorcycle in for Restoration 

Spring is the time of year that everyone gets their bikes out on the road. Some bikes may need a little more attention than others. Take for instance the latest bike in the shop: a good example of a Triumph T100 Daytona. It has been stored in a dry barn with an empty tank since the early 1990's. 

Aside from a couple odd knobs, and the white paint striping being stripped off the bike, it is all original with only 14,000 miles on it. 

Initial problems are a punched hole in the bottom of the gas tank (from a non-original screw being used at some point in it's life, a common mistake), worn out rubber on the forks, and elsewhere, a bent footpeg, and the usual issues with bikes that haven't been attended to in over 20 years. We should have this sorted and get this great machine back on the road in short order. 

The Triumph Daytona is a generally misunderstood bike by many. While in 1971 the Triumph factory was making large miscalculations with the new Oil-In-Frame Bonneville / and "new" Tiger (a Bonneville with a single carb - previously the name Tiger connotated the T100 500cc with a single carb) including a frame issue that resulted in odd geometry for both those models; the Daytona became a time-capsule of the original much loved 60's frame and design, remaining an affordable true to form Triumph motorcycle. 

A popular bike to use a larger motor mod, and sometimes overlooked by collectors or vintage bike seekers, the Daytona represents a bargain in a tried and true motor and frame, in a machine that is in many ways the same as the mid 60's T100 Tiger, for almost half the price. A mid 60's rear fender and tail light will even directly bolt on, for those that like the mid-60's Triumph looks. 





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