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New: AMAL PREMIER MK1 MK2 & Monobloc Carburetors / Carbs 

Reko's British Restorations proudly supplies REAL Amal carburetor parts & replacements ... But the new news on the block is that the Premier Carbs now available are phenominal.

Yes, we have used these in several restoration and race applications since these carbs have become available (as well as the recent full concours quality restoration on the 1970 Triumph Bonneville we are working on) and the reliability, tuneability and toughness of the new Amal "Premier" Carbs is the best available bar none. 

Not only have they revisited the formulations on the metal and made all metal parts hardened and precision formed, but the new floats / needles are military spec material and will not be harmed by the new ethanol rich gasolines that are now standard at the pump. Please Contact Reko's British Restorations for availability on the parts and full carbs. 

Reko's British Restorations will replace or repair your old Amal carbs with new higher spec parts that still retain the history and collect-ability of your prized British Motorcycle. From Amal: 


The AMAL Carburetter Company are pleased to announce the introduction of the new AMAL Premier MK1 Concentric Carburetter.

The 900 Series AMAL Carburetter for four stroke applications has been re-designed to improve performance and wear. The new carburetter incorporates changes in materials which reduce the rate of slide and body wear and a precision engineered idle circuit which improves the pick up performance from idle and reduces fuel consumption. The precision manufactured forged alloy, hard anodised throttle slide has a low friction surface for smoother operation and greater wear resistance. The material of the carburetter body has a “passivated” finish which resists corrosion, whilst the ethanol resistant, puncture proof StayUp float and viton tipped alloy needle valve improve control of the fuel flow.

A new easily removable pilot jet provides precise metering of the idle circuit. The jet, which is located in the opposite position to the pilot air screw, is manufactured to tight tolerances allowing it to be replaced with minimum disruption to the adjustment of the carburetter. Initially the size of the jet replicates the 622/107 pilot bush. Other sizes will be available shortly. Removal of the jet allows access to the rest of the idle circuit for servicing. The new jet cannot be fitted to earlier versions of the Mk1 Concentric.

The new carburetter is available in 28mm, 30mm and 32mm bore sizes and with right or left hand pilot adjustment.  






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Triumph Repair in Sarasota: Need your Triumph, BSA or Norton clutch rebuilt? 

Don't put it off any longer, that sloppy shifting is driving you crazy!

 We can restore your clutch & your bike to as good as new (or better!) with high end parts upgrades and OEM products. We don't cut corners and we don't use sub par parts: we take pride in our work, and have over 30 years experience at Reko's British Restorations

Contact the shop for more info on Triumph clutch rebuilds and other services. 






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More Pics: 1970 Triumph Bonneville Full Restoration & Repair : Reko's Triumph Motorcycle Restoration


1970 Triumph Bonneville : A Full Restoration in Progress : Reko's, Sarasota, Florida

When this 1970 Triumph Bonneville rolled into our shop, it was in a sad state. The original owner had it stored "out back" which is always worst than it being stored "in the barn" for decades. In fact, other shops considered it "beyond help". But, we aren't other shops... 

This bike is numbers matching, with a straight frame and good bones. The new owner put it in for a full restoration, and shortly this fine machine will be a vision of what the Triumph Bonneville was when it rolled out onto the shop floor back in 1970. This bike's future may indeed be shows and trophies, and a trailer; but if the owner chooses to ride it, it won't dissapoint, all the mechanics and electrics have been completely restored as well, and it will be extremely reliable and solid performing on the street. 

Tank, and all other paintwork has been completed to original paint colors and trim, with the tank undergoing a full restoration as well, to function and work as new. 

Not bad for a machine that for years was propped up "out back"! We look forward to getting it back to it's new owner, who we have a feeling will give it a bit better treatment than the last one. 

Have a Triumph Motorcycle that needs a full restoration? 

Contact Reko at British Motorcycle Restorations

Triumph Motorcycle Repair 

Triumph Motorcycle Restoration 






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Need your Triumph carbs rebuilt? Triumph Motorcycle Repair in Sarasota Florida. 

We rebuild carburetors for british motorcycles. Having problems with your Amal Carbs ? We can fix that! Reko's British Restorations in Sarasota Florida has been specializing in British Motorcycle Repairs for over 40 years. For over 40 years, Reko's British Restorations have been repairing, maintaining and rebuilding Triumph motorcycles. Feel free to give us a call to inquire about working on your prized collection or daily rider. 

Contact us if you need the following: 

Carbs rebuilt on Norton Motorcycles 

Carbs rebuilt on Triumph Motorcycles

Carb rebuilt on BSA Motorcycles 

Repair or Restoration on British Motorcycle Makes